Changzhou Tianma Group Co., Ltd


Changzhou Tianma Group Co., Ltd (Former Building Materials Factory 253), founded in 1960, is one of the earliest fiberglass production enterprises in China. In the mid-1960s, the company introduced internationally advanced unsaturated resin equipment and technology, which has since opened up the pioneering of China's FRP industry, and the company has thus been hailed as the cradle of China's FRP industry by the same industry. At present, it has formed a series of products with three major segments, namely chemical, fiberglass and composite materials. Their products are widely used in automobile, oil pipelines, environmental protection facilities, wind power equipment, ship hulls, electrical, sanitary ware, building materials and other fields.

Tianma Group owns Jiangsu FRP/Composite Engineering Technology Centre and Provincial Technical Centre, more than 30 patented products and more than 10 high-tech products. The Chopped Strand Mat and geogrid products have been awarded the title of China's famous products.

Date of Establishment

No.309 Huang Hai Road,
Xinbei Qu
Changzhou Shi
Jiangsu Sheng,