CPIC F08B RP Fiberglass production line ignited


On March 31, 2021, CPIC F08B thermoplastic fiberglass production line was put into operation at its Changshou production base.

It is reported that in October 2020, in order to further meet the market demand, CPIC launched the F08B line intelligent manufacturing technology transformation project, after the completion of the project transformation can not only meet the market demand for products related to wind power, new energy vehicles, white household appliances, 5G and other industries, but also supply high-quality raw materials to the world's top thermoplastic composite manufacturers and auto parts manufacturers, This will significantly increase the market share of the company's thermoplastic products, and lay a more solid foundation for the company to become a leader in the fiberglass industry. In the next step, the company will continue to optimize the production capacity structure with more advanced technology and finer management, help upgrade more products and make unremitting efforts to achieve the company's "double hundred goals".

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