Hangzhou Z.H. Polymer material Co., Ltd.


Hangzhou Z.H. Polymer material Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in the development, production and sales of special hot melt adhesive film products, providing customers with "integrated" solutions for composite materials and adhesive films.

Polyurethane laminates for car roofs: the company can provide hot melt adhesive films, "one-step" production process and equipment modification, lightweight and high sound absorption car roof solutions, providing customers with turnkey projects.

Lightweight GMT and hemp fiber board: The company can provide high adhesive and barrier hot melt adhesive films, and use the company's resources to develop special adhesive films together with customers to solve the problems of hot melt adhesive film permeation, excessive glue usage, as well as air permeability and barrier; at the same time, the company focuses on the promotion of the direct molding process of GMT and hemp fiber mat to reduce the cost and energy consumption of GMT and hemp fiber mat board making and molding.

Polypropylene composites: The company can provide integrated solutions for ultra-low temperature polypropylene hot melt adhesive films, high fluidity medium and high temperature polypropylene (flame retardant) hot melt adhesive films, as well as process and equipment.

Date of Establishment

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