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Harbin FRP Insititute Co., Ltd was founded in 1960, is one of the earliest professional institutions engaged in the research and application of resin-based composites in China, is the backing unit of the National Engineering Center for Resin-based Composites, is the vice chairman of the National Fiber Reinforced Plastics Standardization Committee unit. It is also one of the first 100 research institutes granted the right of import and export by the State Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Commission and the State Science and Technology Commission. It was formerly under the State Bureau of Building Materials Industry, but in July 1999, it was converted into China Building Materials Group Corporation as one of the 242 scientific research institutions under the management of 10 state bureaus of the State Economic and Trade Commission. It is a wholly state-owned scientific and technological enterprise with the status of an independent legal person.

It has more than 600 employees, including young and middle-aged experts of the State Council, provincial and ministerial level, professorial senior engineers, senior engineers and other engineering and technical personnel, forming a perfect ladder-type research and development, production and management team.

It has imported advanced winding machines, pultrusion machines, hot-melt prepreg machines and a series of raw material analysis, process control and structural testing instruments from Germany, the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom, and has strong research and development capabilities in raw material research, process molding, structural design, standardization, large-scale production technology, process equipment and manufacturing. Capabilities It has been undertaking national scientific research projects, "863" plan, national major projects and other research topics, and has won more than 70 national and provincial awards, including four national scientific and technological progress second-class awards. We have developed, designed and manufactured a variety of composite molding equipment, and successfully developed various sizes of cylindrical, spherical, ring-shaped pressure vessels, winding products such as pipes and tanks, and high-performance advanced composite structural parts; pultruded products such as underground rail shields and anti-corrosion platforms, and SMC molded water tanks and meter boxes.

It has advanced equipment and instruments such as advanced structural analysis workstation, infrared chemical analysis room, structural test room, large imported winding machine, non-destructive testing and three-coordinate precision measuring instrument, and a group of highly qualified professional technical and management talents. The research on fiber winding technology, pultrusion technology, advanced composite materials, high-performance thermoplastic composite molding process, large-scale production of composite materials, research and development of special equipment for composite materials, etc. has always been at the leading level in China. HGLI has long undertaken the tasks of national major scientific research programs and the scientific research and production of national key weapon models, and its supporting products are involved in aerospace, aviation, shipping, and many other fields.

HGLI has established a perfect product quality management system and confidentiality management system, and passed the GJB9001A-2001 and GB/T9001-2000 quality management system certification in 2004 and the second level of confidentiality certification of Heilongjiang Province Confidentiality Qualification Examination and Certification Committee in 2006.

As early as 1984, HGLI established the technical journal "Fiber Composites", which is open to the public at home and abroad. It mainly publishes papers on new materials, new technologies, new techniques, new equipment, new designs and processing in the composite materials industry, and tracks the latest research directions and new product development information in the field of composite materials at home and abroad, as well as introduces the product information and development dynamics of famous enterprises at home and abroad, making positive contributions to promoting the technological progress of the composite materials industry.

HGLI has a collection of more than 40,000 books and journals in Chinese and foreign languages, with a total value of nearly 3 million yuan, among which, more than 10,000 books and journals in foreign languages such as English, Russian and Japanese.

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