Harbin Topfrp Composite Co., Ltd.


Harbin Topfrp Composite Co., Ltd. was established in 1980, which is the holding enterprise of Harbin FRP Research Institute of China Building Materials Group.

The company has perfect radar radome design and manufacturing technology, equipment, facilities and testing capability, with the ability to develop various new types of high-performance radomes, and has the experience of complete installation services under various complex working conditions. Since the establishment of the company, It have developed three series and nearly one hundred models of radome products, such as thin-walled skeleton, metal  skeleton and laminated types, which meet the needs of national defense, civil aviation, meteorology, satellite remote sensing and other fields.

The company has followed the world's frontier technology, and has continuously developed and innovated, forming its own technical characteristics and intellectual property rights. In the development of "low flap" radome, It is the first enterprise to make a technical breakthrough and master the design method, which has filled the blank in this field in China. As of 2019, the company has obtained 6 invention patents, more than 30 utility model patents and 2 software copyrights, and has become the "Harbin Patent Advantage Demonstration Enterprise".

The series of ground radomes and vehicle-mounted, ship-mounted and air-mounted radomes developed by Harbin Topfrp have been delivered to users for hundreds of sets of various types of radomes, which have withstood the harsh test of various environments and are highly praised by customers for their excellent performance and high reliability. As the radomes are widely used in the field of aviation, meteorology and satellite remote sensing, the company has become the cooperation partner of many famous radar manufacturers in the world, and the brand radomes have spread all over the world. In addition, Topfrp actively develops new products of composite materials and explores new application fields. The successful development of products such as projection screen for simulation simulator view system, large carbon fiber structural parts, high-precision photoelectric warp and weft instrument protection system and FRP lightning rod and tube further demonstrates the company's continuous innovation ability and R&D strength, which shows a broad prospect for the company in the future.

Date of Establishment

No. 32, Gongbin Road
Xiangfang Qu
Harbin Shi
Heilongjiang Sheng,