Jiangsu Jiuding New Material Co,Ltd


Jiangsu Jiuding New Material Co,Ltd  was founded in 1994, specializes in the production and sales of fiberglass roving, fabric and products, and fiberglass reinforced plastic, and is a domestic large-scale textile-type glass fiber products manufacturer, a global supplier of fiberglass mesh for reinforced grinding wheels, and a deep processing base for fiberglass products in China. The company was public listed in 2007.

The company has formed a technical system consisting of more than 300 proprietary technologies, with the four core technologies of fiberglass drawing, modification, weaving and surface treatment, and the overall level is advanced in China. The company's main products include "Ding" brand reinforcing materials for grinding wheels, building reinforcing materials, road reinforcing materials, decorative materials and other textile products and fiberglass reinforced plastic products, of which seven products have been named as national key new products and nine products have been named as high-tech products in Jiangsu Province; it has more than 100 product (technology) patents. The company has also presided over or participated in drafting 14 national and industry standards. The "Ding" brand fiberglass geogrid was awarded the title of "China Famous Brand Product", and the "Ding" brand textile glass fiber products were awarded the title of "Jiangsu Famous Brand Product". The "Ding" brand was awarded the title of "Jiangsu Famous Brand" and the "Ding" brand trademark was awarded the title of "Jiangsu Famous Brand". The products have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions, such as North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan and Korea, etc. Jiuding have a large number of stable customers.

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