LM Fujian wind blades factory starts production


On June 25, 2021, the commissioning ceremony of LM Wind Power Blade Products (Fujian) Co., Ltd. was held in Fujian Three Gorges Offshore Wind Power International Industrial Park in Jiangyin, Fujian, marking that the Three Gorges Industrial Park has formed a full industry chain production pattern of wind turbine generators, wind turbine structural parts, wind turbine assembly and blade production, realizing the high-end advanced core equipment of offshore wind power all built in Fujian, further consolidating the advantages of Fujian offshore wind power equipment manufacturing field.

LM Wind as one of the industry leaders introduced in the industrial park, in the field of blade research and development, design and production are at the forefront of the world, is an important part of the offshore wind power industry chain. The first phase of LM Wind's Fujian factory covers an area of 187,000 square meters, with a factory construction area of about 32,000 square meters and a total investment of more than RMB 200 million, which will create more than 800 jobs for the local community when it reaches production.

"Soon, the world's leading 107m long blades will be mass produced in the industrial park and sold all over the world, giving a strong impetus to more countries and regions to develop offshore clean energy." The person in charge of Three Gorges Fujian Energy Investment Company said, relying on the high-quality business environment in Fujian Province, Three Gorges Group's perfect industrial chain layout, and the international facilities of the industrial park, LM Wind's Fujian factory will continue to improve and develop the ultra-long offshore wind turbine blades and produce market-leading offshore wind turbine blades to make offshore wind power a more competitive clean energy source.

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