"R&D and industrialization of ultra-fine inorganic fiber composites for high-efficiency filtration" of Hongyuan Envirotech lauched


On October 28, 2020, the kick-off meeting of the project "R&D and industrialization of ultra-fine inorganic fiber composites for high-efficiency filtration" of Hongsheng Group Liaoning Hongyuan Envirotech Co., Ltd. He Mingzhe, researcher of the High-tech Department of Liaoning Province Science and Technology Department, Zou Benfu, deputy director of Yingkou Science and Technology Bureau, Professor Yu Jian of the Institute of Process Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Song Pengze, chairman of the board of directors of  Hongyuan, attended the meeting.

The project  is undertaken by Hongyuan Envirotech Co., Ltd. The project is oriented towards the urgent needs of ultra-high temperature (260℃ and above) soot control and anti-haze, relying on the independent patent technology base, the cooperation system between industry, academia and research institutes and the provincial inorganic fiber and composite material (filter media) professional technology innovation centre R & D test platform, research and development of new inorganic fiber materials and composite materials, and realize the industrialization application in the field of industrial environmental protection high temperature soot control.

Located in China's Liaoning Free Trade Pilot Zone (Yingkou) Area (a national high-tech zone), Hongyuan is currently the largest inorganic fibre material developer for filter media in China. The company's main business and leading products straddle two strategic emerging industries: energy conservation and environmental protection and new materials. The new environmental protection materials are mainly used in the field of industrial flue gas treatment to efficiently capture PM2.5 micro-dust, achieve ultra-low emissions of less than 5mg/Nm³ and promote energy conservation and emission reduction in industrial enterprises.

"The project focuses on the research of key process technology of industrial inorganic fibre composites, the development of high-performance inorganic fibres and composites for industrial environmental protection, the realisation of ultra-low dust emission and multi-pollutant synergistic treatment, and the realisation of industrial demonstration applications. Professor Yu Jian of Chinese Academy of Sciences reported on the R&D cooperation, the project develops high performance inorganic fibers and composite materials for industrial environmental protection, realises ultra-low dust emission and multi-pollutant synergistic management, fills the gaps in the relevant domestic fields, reaches the domestic advanced level, and realises industrial demonstration application.

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