Taichia Chengdu Glass Fiber Co.,Ltd


Taichia Chengdu Glass Fiber Co.,Ltd. is a subsidiary of TaiwanGlass Group in mainland China, invested in August 2011, with a total investment of US$320 million, of which the first phase invested US$200 million and was put into operation in September 2014. It is widely used in the fields of copper-clad laminates (CCL) and printed circuit boards (PCB), and its products can meet the rapidly developing needs of the electronics industry.

Taichia Chengdu has completed the first phase of a production line with an annual production capacity of 30,000 tonnes of high-quality electronic-grade fiberglass yarn and an annual production capacity of 160 million square metres of fiberglass cloth for microelectronics with an international leading level, and the products are widely used in the field of copper-clad boards. The products are mainly various types of electronic grade fiberglass cloth, the main types are: 7196, 7628U, 7628M, 7628L, 7627, 2116, 1080.

Date of Establishment

No. 1000, Tongxin Street
Qingbaijiang Qu
Chengdu Shi
Sichuan Sheng,