Taichia Glass Fiber Co.,Ltd


Taichia Glass Fiber Co., Ltd. is one of Taiwan Glass's subsidiaries in China, It was founded in the Kunshan area in June 2001. TGF's main products include all types of electronic-grade glass fabric, including the specifications 7628M/L 50&44, 7628U 50, 2116 50&44, 2116H 50, 7196 50, and 1506/1500 50. 
The first glass fabric production line began mass production on January 12, 2004, and the second, third, and fourth lines began production on May 16, 2005, August 10, 2007, and March 9, 2008 respectively. 

Date of Establishment

No. 3 Tai Bo Road, Zhangpu Town
Kunshan Shi
Suzhou Shi
Jiangsu Sheng,