Taiwan Glass Ind. Corp. - Lugang Factory


Taiwan Glass Lugang plant in the Lugang area of the Changpin Industrial Park, This plant contains fiberglass yarn and fabric production lines, which began operating in 1998. There is also a float glass production line in the Lugang plant. 

Apart from producing the 7628, 2116, and 1080 specifications widely used by the circuit board industry, the Lugang plant is also actively engaged in the development of other types of fiberglass fabric meeting the market's increasingly diverse needs, including thin fabric, special fabric types, and laser-drilled fabric. Products not only provide circuit boards with needed strength, but offer excellent size stability and electrical performance. As a result, the glass fabric produced at the Lugang plant has found favor with many high-tech manufacturers.  

Date of Establishment

Luguang, Zhangbin Industry Park
Lukang Township
Changhua County