Taiwan Glass Ind. Corp. - Taoyuan Factory


Taiwan Glass Ind. Corp. entered into technical cooperation on FRP Glass Fiber with USA Owens Corning Fiberglass Corp. in 1987 and technical cooperation on Glass Fabric with Japanese KANEBO in 1988. Taoyuan Factory began production in Feb. 1990.

In the initial production stage of Taoyuan Factory, 12,000MT/year of FRP Fiber Glass and 6,000MT/year of Glass Fabric were produced with 2 furnaces. Due to stable product quality and short supply, factory expansion was completed in 2001, and the total capacity reached 78,000MT/year. TT-1 expanded in 2009 to 60,000MT/month, and began production in Q4, 2010.

The products can be classified into 6 categories: Chopped Strands, Direct Roving, Conventional Roving, Woven Roving, Chopped Strand Mat and Glass Fabric.

Date of Establishment

Guanyin Industry Park
Guanyin District
Taoyuan City