Taishan Zoucheng 60,000 tons fiberglass yarn environmental proposed approval


Taishan Fiberglass Zoucheng Co., Ltd.  annual output of 60,000 tons of alkali-free E-glass fiberglass yarn furnace fiber drawing production line project environmental impact assessment documents of the basic situation is publicized, the public period is February 5, 2021 - February 10, 2021.

The project has a total investment of 999.25 million yuan, is an expansion project, mainly include new furnace joint plant, with the material station and other ancillary facilities, and relying on the existing ultra-fine yarn project completed workshop construction twisting joint plant. The project is based on the purchase of chlorite, limestone, quartz sand, borcalcite, fluorite, mannite, kaolin, starch-based sizing and other raw materials, through the preparation of compound, glass melting, fiberglass forming (drawing, spray cooling, coating sizing, bunching, drying), fiberglass products processing and other processes, the annual processing of alkali-free E-glass fiberglass yarn 52,680 tons, special Chopped Strands 5000 tons, glass marble 6000 tons.

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