Xingtai Jinniu Fiber Glass Co.,Ltd.


Xingtai Jinniu Fiber Glass Co.,Ltd. officially broke ground in May 2002 and was registered for business to establish the company. The main products are direct roving, high strength epoxy roving, SMC roving, roving for Mats, Spray up roving, Woven roving, Chopped strand mat, roving for LFT, biaxial fabric, multi-axial fabric, Stitched mat, etc. In addition to the products sold to traditional industrial and civil applications, some of the fist products have been applied to advanced fields such as high-strength petrochemical pipelines, insulation and electrical, which are used by national key projects.

In 2014, Jinniu established a long-term strategic cooperation with Owens Corning of the United States, through the introduction of Advantex to the second phase of the furnace for cold repair and capacity expansion, the furnace output expanded from 25,000 tons to 50,000 tons. It can meet the quality requirements of downstream markets such as wind power, environmental protection, electrical insulation, rail transportation and automotive.

Jinniu is currently a member of China Fiberglass Association, China Composites Association and China Engineering Plastics Association. The products such as chopped trand mat and woven roving have passed the certification of China Classification Society and DNV. All products have been rated as key recommended products by China Building Material Circulation Association and have been awarded the title of "Customer Satisfaction Product of Hebei Province" and "Famous Brand Product of Hebei Province".

Date of Establishment

No. 1, Jinniu Road, Yurangqiao New District
Xingtai Shi
Hebei Sheng,

时间 Category Data
- Net earnings (10000 RMB) 89
- Operating income (10000 RMB) 258
- Sales (10000 RMB) 40100
Net Assets(10000 RMB) 53056
Total Assets (10000 RMB) 80432
- Sales (tons) 78200
- Production (tons) 82200
- Sales (tons) 86100
- Production (tons) 87000